Maximise Your Spa’s Potential: Jet Tips

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Maximise Your Spa’s Potential: Jet Tips

Your spa jets are the face of the entire hydrotherapy system within your spa. They transform water pressure from the jet pumps into a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. Most spas feature a variety of jet sizes and styles, which in most cases can be interchanged throughout the spa, making each seat a unique massage experience.

Over the years, Alpine Spas has introduced various spa ranges, each with unique jet faceplates and body styles. Replacing your jets can easily rejuvenate your spa or allow you to rearrange the layout to best suit your hydrotherapy preferences. 

Replacing or Changing Jets in an Alpine Spa: 

Replacing or interchanging the jets in your Alpine Spa can revitalise your spa and can give it new lease on life. The following instructions cover several different jet styles, but they all are removed using the same three steps. It’s easier to remove a jet piece when the spa pool is empty; however, it is possible to do when filled. Ensure all pumps are off before attempting to remove any jet. To replace the jet piece, reverse the steps below and turn it in a clockwise direction.

  1. Grip the jet piece tight and turn in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. When you feel the natural stopping point, push in and apply slightly more turning pressure, then gently pull towards you.
  3. The jet piece should pop out and be able to be removed, exposing the jet body.


We have created an easy-to-follow guide to help you remove, measure and identify every Alpine Spa jet. It provides accurate step-by-step instructions, images and dimensions of each individual jet, allowing you to locate the exact jet you may need for your spa.  


Cleaning & Maintaining Your Jets: 

Preventing your jets from aging involves two key factors: regular cleaning and balanced water. Regularly removing and cleaning your jets in freshwater helps eliminate any buildup of residual chemicals, grime, and grit. This keeps the plastics clean and allows for a healthier spa environment.

Balanced and healthy spa water is crucial for maintaining every component, especially the jets. Weekly water testing with Test Strips gives you insights to ensure pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are within safe and optimal ranges. Learn more about testing your water here. If your pH is below 7, your water is considered corrosive and can deteriorate plastics and other components, leading to accelerated aging on your spa's jets.

If your jets are showing signs of corrosion (flaking, peeling, or discolouring), contact Spa Supplies for advice on preventing further damage. In severe cases, the plastic can be so damaged that the jet face separates from the jet body. If this occurs, you will need to replace the broken jets and possibly the remaining jets in your spa, as water quality affects all jets equally.



By now, you should have a favourite seat in your spa. Next time you’re in your spa, consider rearranging the jet layout within your favourite seat or the entire spa. Jets with the same-sized jet face and body can be swapped. Be sure not to remove the circulation jets found in the footwell of your spa, as these should not be interchanged.

Regularly clean your jets with fresh water to help maintain their lifespan. Consider timing this with your quarterly drain and refill. Be sure to stay on top of your water chemistry, as unbalanced water can accelerate the aging of your jets and other key components in your spa. Learn more about the importance of water care here.

If you are ready to redesign your jet layout or need to replace some jets, view our wide range of Alpine Spas Jets below or contact Spa Supplies for expert advice and genuine Alpine Spa Jets.



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