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2m x 2m - Charcoal - Alpine Spas Cover
Sale price Sale price$551.65 Regular price$649.00
35% off
MagicVac - Manual Spa Pool Vacuum
Sale price Sale price$64.99 Regular price$99.99
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Standard Microban Filter (Pair) - Alpine Spas.
Sale price Sale price$119.20 Regular price$149.00
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Chlorine - 1kg (8846752268)
Sale price Sale price$22.49 Regular price$24.99
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Spa Pool Cover Lifter - Standard Size
Sale price Sale price$299.00 Regular price$499.00
10% off
SV Series 5.5kW Heat Pump
Sale price Sale price$2,699.10 Regular price$2,999.00

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Spa Supplies is your one-stop shop for all things Spa & Sauna related. We are powered by New Zealand’s largest Spa Pool retailer which means we have a wealth of knowledge around effectively caring for your Spa and which products you may require. We’re Kiwis too, and we pride ourselves on offering the best value alongside incredible service which ensures a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers.

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The Importance of Draining Your Spa Pool

The Importance of Draining Your Spa Pool

Your spa pool is a sanctuary of relaxation, providing you with a soothing retreat from the stresses of everyday life. To ensure it continues to bri...
Protecting your Spa Pool Investment

Protecting your Spa Pool Investment

Investing in a spa pool is a decision that brings enjoyment and well deserved relaxation to your life. However, as much as we would love spa pools ...
Clearing Up Cloudy Spa Water

Clearing Up Cloudy Spa Water

There are many circumstances that can result in cloudy and uninviting spa pool water. It could be as simple as insufficient amounts of sanitiser (chlorine) or perhaps the water parameters such as pH or Alkalinity are out of range.